Once upon a time...

in the legendary land of Gujrat in the legendary country of India, a legendary artist was born! It was said, he was blessed by the Gods themselves and could create beautiful art by using the wind as a brush! The birth of this hero was needed as the land was torn by chaotic art of the Witch of the West, "Chudail"! She created art by the burnt remains of those, who she claimed as her victims!
The two were destined to clash in a great art battle, as was prophsized by the Gods themselves!


Well...our story is not that epic!

We are two artists at THE INK MINES STUDIOS  who are here to make our clients stand out from the rest of the crowd by giving them a design and animation makeover! We would also like to help India's budding talent move forward by showing them the way to make their dreams come alive on the canvas!