May the 4th Be with You - The Writer Awakens

I am “The Wacky Writer”, one of the co-founders of The Ink Mines Studios. You might be reading my work in the two comics, which we publish on a weekly basis.

We had been planning on starting a blog for a long time and I believe today, being the Star Wars Day is the best day to go forth with this new venture.

Star Wars

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The question that I kept asking myself was what am I going to write about. I have never been a professional writer. I have always written when the need arose, for example a question paper asking me to write dozens of memorized lines for a net worth of 10 marks. Some days, I have also picked up a pen and started writing poems with the standard "abab" rhyming scheme when undergoing teenage emotional distress, usually heartbreak.

I do not think it would be wise to share those "amazing pieces of work" with the readers here. Thus, I have decided to write whatever crackpot ideas come to my head. This blog will be about everything: jokes, stories, events in our lives, and even recipes when I decide to cook food.

Why today though? Born in the year 1989 in India, watching Star Wars was my first step towards the world of Fantasy. Following the series and learning about its huge fan-base, I realized that being a 'nerd' was not as bad as my peers both at home and school made it seem to be.

From there, I started dreaming of building my own universe (one day) with cool characters, bad-ass villains and with awesome weapons (sadly, no light-sabers because copyright) and jaw-dropping superpowers .

light saber

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That dream has brought me to the profession of a Game Designer, as of today. However, I seem to be farther away from my dream than ever before. As a game designer in India, you are pretty much limited to making casual games on the mobile platform. There is no-one to blame. The audience demands it and thus, they are created as no-one is willing to risk losing money in exchange for putting some form of original soul into the games, which I find really depressing.

The Ink Mines Studios is my second run at it and together with my teammates, I believe we will be able to produce new content eventually, both in animation and games. And one day, hopefully, there will be a special day created just by our fans to celebrate and love our universe and all it will have to offer.

This is it for today. I will update this blog every week with whatever my wacky brain spews out and hopefully we all can have a great time together. Have a good week ahead of you!

May the 4th be with you

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