“I always have a story weaving in my mind,

and it will nag at me until I put it down on paper.”

- Elizabeth Carlton

Elizabeth Carlton started her career as a music journalist in 2007 covering the music beat for two national magazines as well as local and online publications. In 2011, when the industry hit its tumultuous period, she took a year off to draft her first novel, which reignited her love for fiction. The project led her to transition out of journalism into fiction writing, editing, and blogging. When she is not writing books, she works with a vast array of businesses and clients through copywriting and editing services.

Our team at The Ink Mines Studios had the opportunity of working with Elizabeth Carlton on her latest book, . We asked her to give us a few insights into her latest work. Here’s what she had to say:

Give us a short teaser summary about the book: Lost Prince of Nevaharday. Pressed beneath the fist of Shadow’s tyranny, Jaspur’s old kingdom is now a crippled product of oppression. It seems as though hope is lost until rumors of the heir Shadow had thought he’d slain begin to resurface. A battle for the throne ensues, but who will sit upon it in the end? Shadow? Jaspur? Or someone else entirely?

Take us through your creative journey. What were the highlights? I really enjoyed the way this book strips back my protagonist’s emotional defenses. The Rogue Trilogy is thick with action, plot twists, and adventure, but the real story has always been Jaspur’s internal strife with himself. His struggle with personal identity and purpose is the human element that drives the entire plot. In Lost Prince of Nevaharday, Jaspur really bares his soul, and as a result he finds peace in a way my readers won’t expect. I look forward to seeing their reaction.

What were the obstacles you faced? The obstacles were numerous with this book, but most of them were external. During the two years I spent writing it, I moved three times, experienced a hurricane that shut down the entire state for nearly a month, as well as several personal challenges that made it difficult to focus. I was down to the wire when I found my connection with this story and its characters. After two years of struggling, my manuscript coalesced in the span of a few weeks. In the end, it became exactly what it was meant to be, and I’m excited to see it published in March 2018.

Tell us a bit about the characters in the book There are multiple characters in Lost Prince of Nevaharday, but Jaspur and Sadikaye are definitely the heroes of this tale. Jaspur is the main protagonist. He is the exiled prince some call “the royal rogue” and the one who promised to slay the tyrant who stole his throne. Sadikaye is a budding hero that appeared in the second book, Chivalry’s Code, but really takes the spotlight in Lost Prince of Nevaharday.

How would the masses relate to the characters? It isn’t the fantasy and adventure, but the realism of the characters that people connect with. There are so many scenarios and emotions in this trilogy that relate to everyday life. One reviewer for Chivalry’s Code described it as, “The things you could have said, but didn’t. The actions that changed everything. The apologies that were too late.” Lost Prince of Nevaharday is about more than just a final showdown against a god-like enemy. It’s about love, mistakes, guilt, fear, courage, and perseverance. It’s about atonement and new beginnings. It’s life at its best and worse, and that’s what makes it such a good story.

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Give us some details about the GoFundMe project Every book release I do preorders through a fundraiser that helps provide me with the budget to execute the best release campaign I can. For this release, all preorders will help fund digital advertising campaigns and financial backing for an upcoming novella series. This series will explore the continuing stories of characters readers have come to know through The Rogue Trilogy. This means more books, more frequently. No more waiting 2+ years between book releases. These novellas will be standalone books that anyone can pick up and enjoy.

Start and finish date December 8 – February 28 (Lost Prince of Nevaharday releases March 8)

Link to project page

Any new upcoming events? At the moment all of my events are wrapped up for 2017, but they will pick up again in March. To keep up with my event schedule for book signings, conventions, etc., you can follow my author profile on Amazon. A calendar will appear there with events as they’re posted: Events are also shared on my Facebook page:

About the other books in the series

Book titles:

  • The Royal Rogue

  • Chivalry’s Code

A short overview of the books leading up to the current book If anyone knew what it was like to fall from grace, it was the royal rogue. Jaspur Clovenhoof was once a prince, but that life is like a distant memory to him now. Having spent eighteen years in exile, he thought all hope was lost in redeeming his kingdom. But then something happened. After a brush with death, it seemed someone saw something inside of him that was fit to redeem. He was brought back to life through the grace of the goddess, Tennakawa, and gifted with the magical strength to face off against the tyrant that took his throne. Now he returns in Lost Prince of Nevaharday to take back what is his at whatever cost.

Where the people can find and buy the books My books are available internationally through major book retailers and online, including Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Amazon, and more.

Tell us a bit about your other books and writings Although Los Prince of Nevaharday is only my third novel, I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade. My published works include a wide range of articles, interviews, blogs, books, and features. To learn more, you can view a small collection of my writing samples here:

How was your experience working with The Ink Mines Studio? The Ink Mines Studio team is amazing. Hands down, the best experience I have ever had collaborating with an artist. I came to them in a bind after my former illustrator couldn’t complete the cover for my final book. I had to commission another artist, but finding someone who could emulate the style reflected in the previous books’ covers was difficult. The Ink Mines Studio rose up to the challenge and they exceeded my expectations. Their efficiency, strong communication, and keen attention to detail led to them producing a flawless cover in a short time window. I couldn’t be happier with the results. They’ve become my go-to illustrator and I look forward to collaborating with them again on future illustrations.

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