Course Details

What is Open World Game Design?

Open – World Game Design refers to the game design catering to Open World games like Witcher 3, Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc. The term comes form the fact that players have autonomy, which refers to the number of choices players have to approach any given objective and complete them in any order and manner they desire.

What is unique about Open World Game Design?

Open World Game Design presents unique challenges for a Game Designer because of the autonomy provided to the players. Since there is no way to completely predict a player’s actions in such games, it falls upon the Game Designer to create a bustling world where all player actions are accounted for.

This is not a simple task as a lot of attention has to be paid to each and every element to create a unique player experience. It can be as simple as, a weather condition in a particular area to as complicated as, designing a completely new language for players to learn.

Course Takeaways

  • One unique fictional world to add to your portfolio and use for your future career. (you will retain full rights to your creation)

  • Understanding of how to approach worldbuilding.

  • Understanding of NPC, Enemy and Boss Design.

  • A basic framework for building fictional languages (for games).

  • Simple ways to approach balancing of enemies, areas and dungeons.

  • An Inkmines certification for completion of course.

Course Content

  • Research & analysis on existing games.

  • Terrain, Flora & Fauna.

  • Culture & Social Hierarchy.

  • Approach to language building.

  • Magic/ tool systems.

  • Characters, enemies, bosses.

  • Balancing areas and enemies.

Course Type

Online short course. (1 month duration)

Start Date

18th September 2020


  • The course will be run three days a week.

  • Days : Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Timings : 04:00 p.m to 07:00 p.m (IST)

Teaching Medium

  • Discord

  • The Dicsord server link will be provided to you via e-mail as soon as your registration is complete.

Student hardware/ software requirements

  • Headphones with microphone (for sound clarity).

  • WiFi or any stable internet connection.

  • Discord software.

  • Microsoft Office/ or any equivalent word editing software.

  • Access to games like Witcher 3, Skyrim, Dragon Age (optional)


Application process and payment details

5000 INR for full course.

(Please note that the fees once paid are non-refundable)

  • Last date for application: 15th September 2020

  • Document requirements : Education certificates/ degrees.

  • Apply by mail to: (Full name, contact details, education documents attached)

Your Trainer

Subhayan Roy

A Bachelors in Computer Science, who wanted to follow his love and passion for creating video games completed his education in Rubika Supinfogame, India with excellent academic performance. Following this he was hired by the school where he taught the craft to new students for 3 years. Along with teaching, he has been in the industry designing games for companies based in India. Eventually, he co-founded his own company -The Ink Mines and is currently working towards his first indie game release ‘Hell of a Family’.



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Subhayan Sir has been the one and only important mentor in my life. He has the innate ability and boundless knowledge to guide students, to teach them everything there is to Game Design and more. He deeply cares for his students and always, always believes in them until the end.

Ashish Balagopal

Rubika India ex-student

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One of the most important characters over these past years has been Subhayan sir our trainer our mentor. Be it the first day where we had a reality check about what we are getting ourselves into or the long nights because our design was not right or the final day playing DnD sir was always there for us and believed in us.

Mohammed Daris

Rubika India ex-student

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Whenever he had a problem that we could not solve, he would be our guardian to help us clear the path. He always gave a real answer when it came to what lies ahead but made us prepare for it.

Gurnoor Rana

Rubika India ex-student

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Subhayan was a mentor and a great teacher who has taught me the fundamentals of game design while also keeping me grounded of expectations with respect to reality. I was able to learn about a plethora of major topics and create fantastic games under his mentor-ship.

Satyam Pandey

Rubika India ex-student

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